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Project Partners

The first and most important requirement that the Project partneship satisfied was the complementarities between public and private partners, it means that the involved partners covered the overall value chain related to the database contents production and supply (Universities, Content Providers, Services Providers).

The direct involvement of the international universities in the project has laid essential basis for building the system. Thanks to the participation of the higher education institutions it was possible to find solutions for different needs and national contexts, to set up a functioning prototype of European Graduates Data Base, to merge graduates CVs from different sources (Project’s Partner Universities and Italian AlmaLaurea partners), to create effective multilanguages tools for the CVs publication and their search.

The participating private companies owned the infrastructures and the knowledge necessary for the management of the project and for the provision/marketing tests of the on-line services that are the “core” of this demonstration project.

Consorzio Interuniversitario AlmaLaurea

logo AlmaLaurea AlmaLaurea founded in 1994 on the initiative of the Statistical Observatory run by the University of Bologna, has consistently grown and currently covers 67% of the Italian graduates. With a number of 1,080,000 graduates from 51 Italian Universities (July 2008), certainly represents the largest graduate database in Europe.
Managed by a Consortium of Italian Universities with the support of the Ministry of University and Research, was developed with a view to established a link between employers and graduates and act as a reference point within the University world for all those who - at different levels (i.e. University scholars, researchers etc.) - are concerned with issues relating to University education, employement and the youth conditions in general.
AlmaLaurea eases access and improves the placement of young people into the job marked, supports companies in recruiting staff, reduces the lead time between the demand and the supply of qualified personnel, monitors the graduates' occupational status thus allowing the universities to verify their training and educational provisions.
Website: http://www.almalaurea.net

CINECA Consorzio Interuniversitario

logo Cineca CINECA is the most important Italian supercomputing centre for public and private research activities and one of the largest in the world. Established in 1969, the Consortium brings together 18 Italian Universities, and the CNR - National Research Council. CINECA provides high quality ICT services and provides state of the art HPC resources and services for all the main fields of computational sciences. As a consequence, CINECA represents a true link between the academic world, the sphere of pure research and the world of industry and business. CINECA currently hosts AlmaLaurea databases and web applications.
Website: http://www.cineca.it


logo Tarki TÁRKI Social Research Centre has 15 years tradition of empirical social science research in Hungary. Its profile includes research on a wide range of issues related to social stratification, welfare reforms, labour markets, income distribution, etc.. The so called TÁRKI Group contains a for profit shareholding company, owned mostly by the staff, and a non profit consortium, to which the members are recognised social science research departments from universities, academic and non-academic research centres.
Website: http://www.tarki.hu

INTRASOFT International S.A.

logo Intrasoft Has earned recognition as one of the leading European ICT suppliers, delivering a wide range of large and complex ICT services in the areas of application development, systems and network integration, managed services and outsourcing for various clients, European and National institutions. INTRASOFT International has a broad portfolio of business activities, providing mid to large ICT services with end-to-end integration capacity for a wide range of customers in the private and public sector, including international and national organisations.
Multicultural teams of around 420 highly professional personnel work from three main sites - in Belgium, Luxembourg and Greece - and are fully committed to defining, accommodating and satisfying the needs of our customers and wider user community. Customer list includes some of Europe's most prominent customers, including the European institutions (e.g. European Central Bank, European Commission, and the European Parliament), national public institutions, telecom and Internet service providers and multinationals.
Website: http://www.intrasoft-intl.com/


logo ELTE Budapest ELTE (Eötvös Lóránd) University is the oldest and biggest university in Hungary. Traditionally it had three faculties for natural & life sciences, law and social sciences & humanities. Faculty of social sciences operates independently now. The faculty contains the Institute of Sociology, the Institute of Social Policy and Social Work, and the Institute of Social Contexts. The faculty provides major with full-scale curricula and a 5-year program for training of sociologists, social policy experts, social workers, political scientists, anthropologists, social psychologists. The faculty also offers doctoral degree (PhD) programs in sociology and social policy.
Website: http://tatk.elte.hu/


logo Warsaw Warsaw University Office of Career Services was established in 1998. The Office provides services for the University students and alumni with an aim to increase cooperation between the university and the job market. The mission of the Office is to help students and graduates to improve their skills so they could be competitive and effective actors on demanding labour market. Office aims at facilitating young people right choice of their career path appropriate to their aspirations and qualifications, stimulating their activity in seeking an interesting employment.
Website: http://www.biurokarier.uw.edu.pl


logo Marne-La-Vallée University Marne-la-Vallée - OFIPE (Observatoire des Formations, Insertions Professionnelles, Evaluations) was created in November 1999. Their aims are: students training analysis, university-to-work transition analysis, university training performance benchmarking. OFIPE publish around 10 report and surveys each year.
Website: http://www.univ-mlv.fr/ofipe


logo Maastricht The Research Centre for Education and the Labour Market (ROA) is a research institute attached to the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration of Maastricht University. ROA's chief activity is commissioned research concerning the match between education and the labour market. ROA has about 40 employees.
Website: http://www.roa.unimaas.nl/